Gold Master develops cross-platform entertainment video games, one title at a time.

Gold Master’s twist is to take an out of copyright brand and reimagine it for a modern audience.

The company creates its original games from scratch; through concept and design, development and final testing right through to commercial launch.

A team of specialists works on each aspect of the game, polishing up the look, the story, the experience and the fun!

Cross -Platform Development

We develop in HTML5, Unity and C++, for deployment on a wide variety of platforms:


Web browsers, iOS & Android browsers and apps


Web browsers, iOS & Android apps, PC, VR


iOS, Android, WP8, PS4, PSVita, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, VR


PlayStation Mobile

Platform independence gives Gold Master the flexibility to develop for popular platforms. Each year Gold Master invests in platform, secret sauce engine technology and product research and development.

Graphic & Narrative & Game Design

Visually attractive design and compelling story telling is at the heart of the Gold Master ethos and game-play. The company’s writers, artists and designers work closely with the software developers and programmers to deliver unusual and compelling designs. These designs are then polished and tested to perfection.