Howard Newmark

Howard Newmark has over 30 years of experience in the videogames industry as a distributor, developer and publisher.

Howard has set up and run various International Software Distribution companies as well as becoming Director of Licensing and Acquisitions for Accolade Europe (now Atari) and was VP of Publishing for Creature Labs, one of the UK’s best-known development studios in the 1990s, with over 70 developers on the payroll.

He was  Vice President of Publishing at Conspiracy Entertainment Europe in May 2006.

Howard also set up and ran the UK office of Dutch publisher Lighthouse Interactive, establishing the SHIP SIMULATOR brand as a household name in the UK.

Howard is one of the founders and shareholders of ICEBERG INTERACTIVE a publisher at the forefront of digital distribution of  PC, Xbox and PS4 titles, and has personal relationships at the highest level with platform holders, game portals and marketing leaders.