Mark Ashton – Project Manager

Developer of Video Games for consoles, computers, and mobile devices with almost 30 years of experience in the game development industry.
Skills include:
  • Game concept and design
  • Engine development
  • Game programming
  • Art and Animation direction
  • Project Management
  • 100+ games developed and published
  • Artistic and logical, able to work with both programming and artistic teams
  • Able to take complex projects from conception to completion
  • Rapid development with both large and smaller teams
  • Experience of all manner of development targets
  • Studio and Project management
  • Multi-platform projects

Edyta Tidbury – Exec Producer

Experienced Director and Executive Producer of Video Games.
A developer, dealmaker and publisher – focussed primarily on Console, Mobile and PC DLC markets.
Skills include:
  • License, publishing and distribution deal-making.
  • Business Development and fundraising.
  • Licence-holder, Stake-holder, Platform owner and Customer satisfaction.
  • Highly Creative.
  • 30+ game titles developed and published.
  • Balancing the creative and commercial
  • Bridge the language between corporate and technical
  • Large scale multi-platform development management
  • Acquiring and managing mass market licences
  • Managing to time and budget
  • Solution orientated